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Great comment, this one and the one just prior. But, I believe you mis-identify the "they." Klaus Schwab, and anyone else you can name, are just the fronts from the real elephant in the room.

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We still own the choice to trust that HASHEM is blessing ALL OF US despite how things appear.to our senses.

We still own the choice to appreciate all of life through the perspective of HASHEM and be b’SIMCHA that HASHEM is gonna win.

The ganafs are serving HASHEM by waking us out of our prior complacency.

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Hashem owns all. We have free will choices to make.

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"The only thing you still own is your resolve, your moral integrity, your courage, your voice. Your right to be happy.

Sadly, most of you don't even realize you still own this right. "

Yes and I would add - to what we do own - is our sense of sovereignty which once identified, leads to integrity, courage and voice and choice. You have to claim that.

I can't help but feel so many don't even realize they are a unique being. That they matter, and are not here by accident. If they did they would care about showing up in a way they can feel good about.

The very long propaganda undermining the importance of the individual, its mysterious connection to larger life, nature and the Source of its existence, has been, sadly, very successful.

Empty vessels are easily filled by someone else.

Thank you, appreciate the message.

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So very true. I wish people would wake up but it's not a deep sleep they are on, it's decades of numbing down...

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Bs"d. Spot on, dear Rabbi Green! Thank you!! We are now looking for other housing in Israel as the landlord has announced a 12% increase of our rent. At the same time, we try to be active as volunteers, among others for the Pro-Life movement and against tyrannical covid restrictions. We share your thoughts and feelings with regard to Klaus Schwab and his gang, not to mention all the other evil forces, hell-bent on "abortion, eugenics, depopulation and war". May The Almighty bring the Geulah soon, very soon and in our days. How is your family doing? Hopefully the State of Massachusetts has halted her attempts to intimidate you and your family? Only good and all that is good! Kol tuv and gut Shabbos, Chana and Meir.

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Hi Rabbi Green,

some thoughts on your post

The media basically owns your mind....response...i haven't followed main stream media in over a decade and gave up the one paper i read 3 yrs ago. get rid of your TV....more time to focus on your own interests

The state owns your children's minds.....response...millions are home schooling...yeah

Big Tech owns your communication, your secrets, your every movement. ....response....many of us turn off wifi, location services and place on airplane mode much of the time. we need to view technology as a tool to be used only when needed. this all has pushed me to understand better the energy forces in our world and the impact on our cells of EMFs and to appreciate the incredible complexity and brilliance of hashem's creations all the more

Corporatist state owns your diet & the food chain.....response...many of us grow lots of our own food...many of us now buy direct from local farmer producers.......we reject pasteurization and all types of fake and processed foods. connection to growing your own food brings me closer to hashem

They most likely own your rabbi, your shul, & your yeshiva...response...true but as long as there is one Rabbi like you....we will survive and ultimately Jews and others will hear your truth and return to righteousness

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